Alice Parker - image from Leviathan League

Alice is one of Em's closest friends. 

Personality in Suffer a WitchEdit

Alice Parker is funny, spirited, and friendly. In Salem, she was in love with her husband, John, whom she misses desperately. Of the Salem Twenty, Alice is the most uncomfortable with immortality. Em and George refer to times they've attempted to help Alice end her curse of immortality. 

Alice will stand up to anyone when she feels things aren't right or someone hasn't followed through on their word.

Alice works as a high end prostitute because it gives her something to do.

Alice is a strong witch with nothing to lose.


Alice Parker memorial stone

Historic AliceEdit

There is very little is actually known about Alice Parker. Prior to being accused by Margaret Jacobs, Alice was a young housewife who ran a simple house.

Some interesting details about Alice:

  1. Some biographers believe that Alice is one of Giles Corey's daughters. This cannot be checked one way or another.

    Mary Warren stated that Alice Parker showed her a poppet with a knitting needle through it.

  2. Alice was married to John Parker, a fisherman, and had a number of children.
  3. In order to save herself, Margaret Jacobs accused Alice Parker of witchcraft when Margaret was being examined. Once accused by Margaret Jacobs, a number of people came forward to say they had been cursed by Alice. A few neighbors claimed that she had drowned a number of fishermen. 
  4. Alice owned a meadow, which Mary Warren's father was supposed to mow a few years earlier. When Mr. Warren failed to mow the lawn, Alice yelled at him. One of Alice's main accusers was Mary Warren, who accused her of participating in the death of Mary's mother.
  5. Alice's actual age is unknown. She's been reported to be 31 years old and 39 years old. 

Alice's accusation, examination, and execution came at the height of the witch hysteria. It's highly likely that her conviction had more to do with the wave of hysteria than anything about her.